• New York University, Master of Social Work


  • Licensed Graduated Social Worker – District of Columbia

Rashida Latef, LGSW



Whether your process is delicate or vigorous, I facilitate a safe, client-centered, decolonial practice. My praxis is informed by being a psychotherapist, a community organizer, and a yoga teacher. I have extensive experience serving and affirming diverse communities, values, and needs on a range of topics from trauma and loss, to workplace belonging and equity. You will be challenged, and although your growing pains may be uncomfortable, you will not be alone, unsupported, or bored!

I use motivational interviewing, trauma-informed cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy, and breathing exercises to help my clients regulate and function optimally. I enjoy helping clients find language, solutions, and community; sharpen their self-awareness and values; and inculcate anti-oppressive praxis in their interactions.

Therapy is a transformative opportunity to question, align, and grow as we build trust, feel, and uncover all the reasons why you should be excited to be you, and assured in your lived experience. Reach out to begin exploring today!


2121 Eisenhower Avenue
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Alexandria, VA 22314


(571) 481-1411
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